A Snapshot of the Chamber of Commerce

Originally created in the 1880s as the St. Albans Board of Trade, the Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce has long supported the commercial, economic and cultural growth of this picturesque Northeast region. Early, humble initiatives, such as the distribution of the 1930 pamphlet “Picturesque St. Albans, Vermont’s Best Paved City in New England,” helped launch the area’s reputation as a vacation destination. Region wide children’s x-ray programs and public adult education courses in shorthand and typing strengthened the local workforces of the time. In the late 1940’s the Chamber even tried its hand at a beauty pageant, complete with a swimsuit competition and a concert presented by the high school band. While this event did not last, the “Annual Maple Syrup Festival” indeed stood the test of time. Now independently managed, today’s Vermont Maple Festival is a must-do event, bringing thousands of visitors to Franklin County every spring.

Our community’s success remains a top Chamber priority. The Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce provides members with simple, yet essential resources and benefits with which to strengthen and grow individual businesses, hence our local economy. Recently, we re-evaluated member benefits, creating offerings that draw from today’s promotional, professional, technological, and cultural resources. Whether the Chamber Staff are helping to navigate a new healthcare system, presenting a series of business seminars, hosting a family friendly, community, athletic event, or simply being available one-on-one for promotional consulting or business advice, we are enthusiastically connected to our thriving and vibrant community.

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